AMPAH2023 is the latest in a series of conferences organised to bring together postgraduates researching the Ancient World. Since the Conference has moved from one institution to another over the years and has not been organised by a permanent organisation, some of the information on past conferences is missing from our records. Should you have any information about previous conferences which is not represented here, please do get in touch so that we may update the record.

Year Hosts Date
2011 University College London 11 March
2012 ? ?
2013 Cambridge University 11/12 April
2014 ? ?
2015 ? ?
2016 Newcastle University 19 March
2017 King's College London 25 March
2018 Birkbeck College / University College London 17 March
2019 Cambridge University 16 March
2020/2021 Exeter University ?
2022 University of Barcelona 11/12 April
2023 Malta Classics University / University of Malta 23/24 March